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Weight - How Much We Weigh

ICON: Weight

Aim to be a healthy weight throughout life.


 feet on scale

Body Mass Index

Find out what it means for your cancer risk.

 Getting Started:Weight

Getting Started: Weight

Learn how to fit moving more into your already busy day.

 The Weight-Cancer Link

The Weight-Cancer Link

How does excess body fat increase your cancer risk? Get the details.

 Prevent Weight Gain

Prevent Weight Gain

Don't think you're at risk? Here's how to make sure it doesn't happen to you.

 Prevent Weight Gain

Lose Weight the Healthy Way

How do you get back to a healthy weight? Try our simple 3-step approach.

 AICR Publications

AICR Publications

AICR materials are full of science-based information, practical tips, healthy recipes and more. Read them online, or order hard copies.

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