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When it comes to cancer, there are no guarantees. It can strike the old and young, active and inactive, slim and overweight. But decades of research have shown that we can take steps to protect ourselves and lower our risk.

That’s AICR’s empowering, evidence-based message.

Learn more about the things that can decrease – or increase – the risk of specific cancers.

Computer Scan of the Colon

By Cancer Site

Our expert panel reviewed thousands of studies and judged the evidence linking specific cancers to diet, physical activity and body weight.

Bar Chart

Cancer Stats

US cancer rates in an international context.

photo of cell with receptors

What Is Cancer?

Learn about the cancer process – how it starts, and how you can help defend against it.

fruits and vegetagbles

How Scientists Study Cancer

Studying Cancer

Learn how scientists research diet and cancer.

Supplement PillsSupplements and Cancer

AICR recommends against relying on supplements for protection. Why?

breastfeedingBreastfeeding and Cancer

Learn more about the practice that protects both mother and child.

Tools in a tool box

Tools You Can Use

Links, online tools, DVDs and more.

infographicCancer Infographics & Multimedia

Infographics show cancer by the numbers in an easy to understand format. Also audio, video and slideshows.

For Cancer Patients and Survivors
Go to our special page for patients, survivors and their families.

For Health Professionals and Educators
Go to our special page for resources tailored to your needs.

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